Google Adwords Vs Bing Ads - What to Choose When You Have Small to Medium Scale Business

Small businesses are still growing, and the owners are not willing to incur a lot of expenses, which they are not sure of whether or not they will recover. Google, Yahoo, Bing and Microsoft are committed toward offering search advertisement services. Of all the four, we have witnessed a tremendous progress in one of them. Although, all of them are showing an increment in the number of paid search clicks; Bing has shown great improvement. All in all, Google and Microsoft are still taking the lead. If you own a small business, you opt to go for an affordable search advert that will not drain your finances. In my opinion, I prefer taking Bing because of its affordability and several other reasons. All entrepreneurs owning small to medium sized business in Melbourne should read this, so they can also weigh out and decide on the best for them.

Bing Ads Have Less Competition with Affordable CPC’s

Most of the small to medium sized business owners are never too keen to access the benefits they will get from Bing. If you look at the working mechanism of both (Bing and Google AdWords), you will discover that they both use similar auction dynamic. This means, services offered by Google are more or less similar to the ones offered by Bing. But since Bing is not as populated as Google, members are enjoying some kind of freedom. There are no congestions in Bing. Your advert will be better positioned, and you will pay much less than what your colleagues are paying with Google. In our small study, we interviewed several business owners who used both Bing and Google in an advertisement. We discovered that most of them were paying almost 33% less with Bing than what they were paying with Google. Apart from that, their ads in Bing were more relevant since they were better positioned.

Bing Is More Flexible To Its Campaign and Ad Group Levels

Bing allows you to allocate different time zones to different campaigns but AdWords does not. This makes it easy to manage very complicated campaigns, especially if you are doing it at the international level. AdWords demands that you set your network, language, ad scheduling, location and ad rotation settings at the operational level and ad groups only revolve around the campaign level settings. Bing is advantageous in that it allows you to make changes for a particular ad group without necessarily going through the struggle of creating a new campaign to implement the changes.

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Transparency and Control over the Search Partners

Google offers very restricted services. You don’t have a variety to choose from. In the search advertisement, you are only given two choices - targeting the Google search or targeting search partners and Google search. For that reason, you are not given a chance to see which search partner contributes in attracting traffic to your site. On the other hand, Bing is manageable, traceable, accountable, and very transparent. You can clearly see the search partner who is contributing to your traffic. Mostly, Yahoo is Bing’s search partner. If you are using Bing, and you want to check the search partner attracting traffic to your site, this is how it is done; go to the reports and run the publisher. Check where the traffic is coming from.

Google Will Force “Close Variants” On You

Initially, “close variant” used to be optional, it wasn’t a bother till recently, when Google changed the status into ‘compulsory’. They nowadays don’t tolerate exact and phrase matches. On the other hand, Bing still remains calm and loyal. In fact, they don’t even care about that query. They are more than lenient, tolerant and patient. For a small business, Bing wants you to grow. It appears like they have small and medium sized businesses at heart. With Bing, advertisers can manipulate “close variant” and put in the state that best suits them.

Bing Has a Reasonable Social Extension

It all started back in 2014, where Bing connected with Twitter. We have a large number of Twitter users, and you can always be sure that your information and business details will be viewed by very many people. Funnily, Google is also trying to imitate the same strategy, but they aren’t getting it right. Instead of connecting with a lively social network like Facebook and Twitter, they are connecting with Google+, which no one is interested in. You may be seated there thinking that your advert is getting enough exposure on social media when it is all hidden in Google+ where it is rarely seen by people.

You Can Easily Control Search Demographics with Bing

First of all, let’s acknowledge AdWords because it sufficiently allows one to view and control demographic targeting on Google display network. But, it doesn’t allow us to control search demographics. Bing is growing steadily from its innovative and inventive ideas. If you are running a small or a medium sized business, you must have a specific group of individual as your major target. For example, if you are selling specific, fashioned clothes to young men, you need to channel your information towards them and optimise your advertisement in their favour. Bing has creatively designed an option where users can decide on which age and genders can see their search ads. If you are selling alcohol, for example, you should customise your search ads in a manner that only grownups can access your products. Within Bing Ads, demographic targeting can be controlled either in the ad group or at the campaign level.

Bing has many advantages to small and medium sized business owners. We also discovered that the SMBs offered at Bing are not found in Google. Meaning that, those businessmen attached to Google are missing a lot. The advantages associated with SMBs are very crucial to business owners, regardless of their business size.

The fact remains - Google dominates the search industry regarding audiences and search volumes. But that isn’t a reason to drive away from enjoying Bing’s services. Make good use of Bing to increase your traffics and sales.


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